Admixtures News
  ISO Establishes Subcommittee on Steel-Concrete
    The highest technical management body of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the ISO Technical Management Board, has recently passed a resolution to officially approve the establishment of a subcommittee on steel-concrete composite and hybrid structures under the Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, and Prestressed Concrete Technical Committee. The secretariat of the subcommittee will be based in China.
  Second-Phase Panel Construction Progress
    The length of the second-phase panel warehouse is 140 meters, with a panel width of 12 meters, a total casting area of 64,645.15 square meters, and a casting volume of 54,996.71 cubic meters. By reasonably increasing the input of resources and equipment and scientifically arranging the concrete casting sequence in the warehouse, MSW has ensured the smooth connection of each process. So far, the slipform lifting speed has been increased from the original 0.8 meters per hour to 2.7 meters per hour, which is 1.2 meters per hour higher than the design standard.
  New Applications of Concrete Unveiled
    If you think concrete is only for building houses, paving roads, and constructing bridges, think again. It can also be a beautiful work of art.
  First Training Program of RMC Enterprises
    2024 First Training Program for Laboratory Directors of Ready-Mixed Concrete Enterprises Successfully Launched
  Low carbon development direction of admixtures
    "Low carbon" becomes an important development direction of admixtures
  Revolutionizing Concrete with Carbon Sequestration
    Innovative Trends in Concrete Admixtures for Sustainable Construction,Revolutionizing Concrete with Carbon Sequestration