Admixtures News
  Accurate Water Mixing in Grouting Materials
    In the construction industry, cement-based grouting materials are essential for ensuring solid and stable structures. One of the crucial steps in using these materials is the addition of water, as the correct water mix determines the density and effectiveness of the grout.
  Effective Use of Silent Expansion Agents
    Silent expansion agents are a powerful tool for breaking rocks and concrete. Using them correctly ensures safety and efficiency. Here are some key techniques and tips for their effective use.
  Difference Grouting Agent & Grouting Material
    Grouting agents and grouting materials are essential in construction, and although they differ by just one word, they are two completely different materials.
  Recognizes Pioneering Concrete Research
    On June 24, the National Science and Technology Awards Ceremony was held in Beijing. The project "Key Technologies for Long-Life Design and Multi-Dimensional Performance Enhancement of Structural Concrete Under Severe Service Conditions," led by Professor Jiang Jinyang from the School of Materials Science and Engineering at Southeast University, won the Second Prize for National Science and Technology Progress.
  MSW Receive Utility Model Patent
    >MSW has been awarded two utility model patent certificates by the China National Intellectual Property Administration. The patents are titled "A Polycarboxylate High-Performance Superplasticizer Storage and Homogenization Device" and "A Blending Device for Polycarboxylate Superplasticizers."
  15th China Superplasticizer Annual Conference
    15th China Superplasticizer and Raw Materials Market Summit & Annual Conference of China Concrete Network